Tabares Fighting to Repeal Cook County Beverage Tax

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State Representative Silvana Tabares, D-Chicago, is working to repeal the unfair Cook County beverage tax permanently.

“I am sick and tired of middle-class families being nickeled and dimed when purchasing common grocery items,” Tabares said. “Rather than making the wealthiest people pay their fair share, this tax does just the opposite and hits working families and elderly residents on fixed incomes hardest. We need to provide relief for people in our community and that starts by repealing this unfair tax on the things they purchase every day.”

Earlier this month, the Cook County beverage tax took effect and taxes all sweetened beverages including fruit and vegetable juices, certain coffees and teas, flavored waters and sports drinks at the rate of one cent per ounce. Tabares believes this is an unfair tax pushed through by Cook County and Chicago politicians. The county’s tax raises the average cost of a 2-liter soda by 67 percent, and raises the average cost of a bottle of fruit juice or iced tea by 43 percent.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Tabares’s House Bill 4083 would eliminates Cook County’s “penny-per-ounce” tax on beverages. Her measure would also prohibit any local government in Illinois from implementing such taxes in the future. Tabares is encouraging residents to sign her petition to repeal Cook County’s beverage tax by calling her constituent service office at 773-522-1315.

“I am concerned this additional tax will force consumers to shop outside the county and will jeopardize jobs in our area,” Tabares said. “If you agree that this tax must be eliminated, please add your name to my petition and calling for the repeal of the Cook County beverage tax.”

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