Chicago Park District’s Young Cultural Stewards Program Receives Grant

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The Chicago Park District announced that its Young Cultural Stewards (YCS) program will receive a grant from the Crossroads Fund’s Youth Fund for Social Change. The $4,000 grant to support youth-led organizing will help bolster youth leadership and cultural organizing at Willye White, Piotrowski and Tuley Parks. The interdisciplinary arts program critically and creatively engages youth in art, technology and media, and encourages them to become advocates and caretakers of their local parks, neighborhoods and communities. Parks like Willye White Park, Piotrowski Park and Tuley Park, anchored in the Rogers Park, Little Village and Chatham neighborhoods, serve as regional hubs of activity. The Youth Fund will help support the advocacy efforts of 40 youth leaders working in Chicago parks during the summer session. This youth-led project is open to youth ages 12 to 14 years old in the spring session, from April 7- May 12, and summer session, from June 25 to August 3. Teens are encouraged to apply through March 31, 2018 for the spring session at

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