The Most Powerful Monster on Earth

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryAs I read articles about U.S. President Donald Trump being a “dictator” and a “tyrant,” I am thinking about the one man on this earth who truly is. This man is president for life Xi Jinping. No other man on this planet has the virtually unlimited power he does, and no one has such a powerful economy, secret police apparatus and military at his command. Xi Jinping has no limitation on how long he can be in office, and he has no reason to respect any form of rule of law. I can give one tiny example of this. The dissident lawyer Yu Wensheng was seized from just outside his house without warrant or without having his family being informed. Yu Wensheng’s crime? Simply publishing a letter stating that open elections and constitutional reforms should be held. How is this a crime?! Meanwhile, Xi Jinping has been conducting a mass campaign of destroying homes deemed as “illegal” places for Christians to worship. To make matters worse, Xi has also been destroying mosques where Uyghur Muslims go to worship. In China, freedom of religion is a joke. To become a member of the Chinese Communist Party, one cannot have any religious affiliation. Such a thing completely excludes any individual from joining the Communist Party.

Over one month ago, the Chinese armed forces, from some of their artificially built islands, actually challenged with destruction two Australian warships going near them on their way to Vietnam. The Australian warships were prepared to fire on the Chinese, and thankfully the Chinese did not shoot at them. However, the Chinese Navy has been known to regularly attack ships of their neighbors Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Chinese fishing vessels have often violated, with the Chinese government’s blessing, territorial waters of South Korea, Japan, and even as far away as Argentina! The Chinese government has repeatedly made threats to any and all nations that do not allow Chinese fishing vessels from taking what is not their in other nations’ territorial waters.

This does not even begin to touch the lack of freedom in China itself. In America, we can rail against Trump or anyone else for what we perceive as infringements of our freedoms. This simply does not happen in China. There is no freedom of the press. All press, TV shows, and other media must meet strict censorship requirements from the government. All such information must be screened before it is “reported.” There are blacked out subjects that not only cannot be reported in the media, but cannot even remotely be talked about in any of China’s academic institutions. Things like the historic Anti-Landlord Campaign that called an estimated six million people, the Great Leap Forward and Anti-Rightist Campaign that killed 30 million plus people, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution that killed six million people, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 that killed 3,000 to 10,000 people in one night, and the genocidal policies by the Chinese government against the religious Falun Gong movement. Any individual who even remotely mentions any of this will find themselves in prison, a torture chamber or executed. As an aside, NO ONE can make jokes about Xi Jinping. People in America make jokes about Trump all the time, and you can even find this easily in American newspapers, on American TV, and on youtube. This is not even remotely possible in China. Xi Jinping cannot be touched in any way, and any unfortunate individual who dares to even make a private joke about Xi will find themselves in serious trouble. This is the dystopian world that so-called President Xi Jinping rules over, and even half of what I write here could land me years upon years in a Chinese prison. if I was in China now That is if I survive that long. For Americans who do not have to experience any of this, it is rather meaningless. For all Chinese in China and in countries allied with China, they know only too well the reach and power of the most powerful monster on earth.

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