Latino Caucus Foundation Launches a New Leadership Academy

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Members of the Chicago City Council Latino Caucus launched a new LCF Leadership Academy designed to equip and prepare Latino communities, to strategize, unite, vote, and develop talent, and promote equitable representation during a press conference Wednesday morning at City Hall. The LCF Academy is specifically geared for mid-level high-potential professionals with a proven track record and passion for leadership, civic engagement, and potential for upward mobility.

The curriculum offers the following:
• Exclusive leadership and management development
• Individualized personality assessments to understand and improve leadership styles and tenets so that fellows can lead and influence more effectively
• Access to community, civic, and industry leaders throughout the program to ensure participants understand issues specific to Chicago and how to potentially offer sustainable solutions
• One-on-one executive coaching by seasoned professionals who can develop and provide necessary personalized feedback

Upon completion, fellows will be well prepared for the following:
• Serve on both private and public boards & commissions 
• Upward mobilization to executive level roles within their respective industries
• Effectively campaign and run for elected office

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