The Border Wall is a Dead Issue

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt seems that U.S. President Donald Trump has not quite gotten the message yet—the U.S. mid-term elections delivered a decisive blue (Democrat) wave against the Republicans and against Trump’s style of governance. The Democrats may have run primarily on the issues of health care, protecting the programs for the poor and needy, and helping organized labor. Yet immigration also played a part, and part of that message is the building of the U.S.-Mexico border wall is not acceptable. Despite this, Trump is still demanding $9 billion to help create the border wall he has threatened to build since he came into office. There is no way that a Democrat dominated U.S. House of Representatives will accept this, and the U.S. Senate only has a razor thin Republican majority. The U.S. Congress will simply not pass this boondoggle. Trump has even threatened to shut down the U.S. government if he does not get his way on this.

There is no way that the Democrats and even moderate Republicans will give in on this. A border wall in their view is not only a waste of money, but that amount of money can go to other things such as better security of the border, programs for the poor, and help American veterans who suffer from hunger, homelessness and mental as well as physical issues. It seems that Trump is up to his old tricks of threats, political blackmail, and subterfuge. But the majority of Americans have spoken loudly that they do not want to make immigrants and the undocumented scapegoats for America’s ills. Yes, most Americans believe that America and Americans should come first, but not at the cost of pushing friends, allies and neighbors away. The reason we are seeing divided government now is because the majority of Americans have made it clear that the President should not have a blank check, and that the Republicans indulged Trump too much. The political landscape has been changed, and among other things is that it is basically a given that the border wall and the money to fund it is now a dead issue.

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