Not Giving in to Hate

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryThere is no question where the corona virus originated from. Regardless of this, one thing that concerns me is the instant prejudice and hate by a growing number of Americans who are blaming all Asians and especially Chinese or Americans of Chinese descent for this pandemic. Let me reiterate: there is no justification for this kind of prejudice. No one individual or group of people should ever be blamed for this catastrophe. We have to remember that the Chinese are among the worst affected by what their government did (or rather did not do). They have suffered thousands of dead, still continue to suffer from brutal repression from their government, and cannot tell the world the truth of this virus that is still afflicting their country because that independent information has been suppressed by the Chinese government.

Keep in mind how many Chinese immigrants and how many Chinese students are trapped in the United States and all around the world unable to be with their families. They are probably safer where they are now considering how the Chinese health care system has virtually collapsed (not that the Chinese government would tell anyone). Also think about how the Koreans have suffered because of South Korea’s close proximity to China. My own wife’s family has had to endure economic dislocation because the corona virus has really hit her ancestral country. My wife’s Korean friend in the United States is concerned that Americans will blame Koreans for the virus even though the Koreans had nothing to with the virus anymore than the Chinese people had.

I beseech my readers, and all who are frightened by this contagion, to NOT give into hate. We are all in this mess, and we are all concerned about living day to day and every single week. We WILL get through this crisis, but not if we start turning against each other. The golden rule is that when we are all in a lifeboat trying to stay alive, we should not fight each other. Any fight can overturn the boat and we will all die. We must carry on and show compassion where it is most needed—for those who have either contracted the corona virus, or those immigrants and visitors who have found themselves trapped in this country and cannot go back home. We as Americans should show that we are a compassionate and caring people. Let us make this dark period our finest hour!

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