Antifa and the Gullible U.S. News Media

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryA friend of mine, I will call him Officer John, told me that the police in his local area had to be on the look out for certain people traveling by bus going from city to city and causing riots, acts of property vandalism, and mass fires. He was on standby in case his area got hit by these people. What credible media reports have come out, there is no question that the mass riots and acts of wanton destruction happening in America’s major cities are happening because of not always spontaneous demonstrations (although that is happening too), but because there seems to be an organized terror campaign by certain groups that are capitalizing on the death of an African-American named George Floyd.

The most likely suspect is the umbrella organization Antifa. The circumstantial evidence seems to be clear; violent crowds that appear from almost nowhere with clubs, knives and bricks. Black and red flags ever present (the classic symbols of the communist and anarchist groups), and people wearing communist and anarchist black and red clothes and symbols. I should clarify that Antifa as I said again is an umbrella group made up of a wide range of parties and groups from the extreme far left to socialist democrats and anarchists. The tactics we are seeing is straight out of the classic textbook examples of the violence and mayhem that have been around since Antifa groups were founded in Germany in the 1920’s. Are right wing groups like the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists also involved? Most probably, but on a much, much smaller scale. There is little doubt in my mind that the political left has come back to haunt America with a vengeance.

I do not have to take U.S. President Donald Trump’s word that Antifa is a terrorist organization. Their actions and the things they did to innocent people and even journalists have proven that long before Trump made official designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization. I had already mentioned the example of a free-lance reporter named Andy Ngo who was viciously assaulted and nearly killed last year. In 2017, Antifa supporters attacked a group of pro-Trump supporters in Berkeley, California, who were peacefully showing their support for President Trump. Antifa supporters used their shields to attack pro-Trump supporters, and police had to move in to stop the violence. But Antifa is not just a domestic group, it is also international in scale. I have seen video footage of Antifa supporters viciously attacking Australian journalists both in Australia and in the United States for doing their job.

A lot of the U.S. media does not seem to be taking any of this into account. They still seem to be naive about what Antifa is, and what it is all about. Worse, almost all of the US. news media seem to be jumping on the bandwagon that one twitter message by a right wing group posing as Antifa calling on people to “riot” is proof that the political right is the chief culprit. It does not change the fact that we see videos of Antifa being quite present in public demonstrations and violent acts. In so many ways, I have seen news organizations like CNN lose almost all credibility as questioning President Trump saying that Antifa is not involved in any of these riots, not involved in attacking journalists, and it is not a terrorist organization. It most certainly is for all of the examples I have given above. As I would designate any right wing organizations and groups as terrorist for physically attacking people, destroying people, and threatening innocent individuals, I have to say the same of Antifa. Why a lot of the news media in this country are not is only showing me they are naive fools and worse in one sense or another complicit in glorifying the extreme political left. Many Americans are beginning to see the hypocrisy of our news media, and will only make people even more skeptical and cynical of what journalists are and do. Heaven help us all!

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