Sorrow for the Chinese People

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt is becoming very clear that for the most part, the Chinese government is locking down many parts of the country so that the corona virus will not spread from one province or one region to others. Had the Chinese government taken sensible precautions and been open about the whole corona virus epidemic in late 2019, neither China nor the world today would be in the pandemic disaster that it is in now. I know so many Americans are blaming China and the Chinese people for what the Chinese government has done (or not done) in preventing this from ever happening. The way I see it, the Chinese people have suffered the worst of all. We really do not know how many Chinese have died or been scarred for life by this virus. The Chinese government’s “official” number lists 4,800 deaths from the virus. Besides this being as false as a three dollar bill, the Chinese government proclaimed countless times that it had “beaten the corona virus epidemic.” Those brave Chinese citizens who have tried to expose what their government has done have faced prison or outright disappearance and execution.

But then the Communist Party of China has claimed so many absurdities that it simply has proven to be the least credible institution on earth. With the exception of the Russian people, no other people in history or in the modern era have suffered so much as the Chinese people. I have known so many Chinese, and have seen the vast hell that was their country. Those I knew were overall good and wonderful people who were living in conditions Americans would never want to even remotely experience. But then it belies the whole history of modern China. The corona virus epidemic is but just one horrendous experience that the Chinese people have endured. The Communist Party of China is guilty of visiting so many atrocities and misfortunes on the Chinese people. These include the Famine of 1958-1962 where 30 million people died, the Cultural Revolution where one to six million people died, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 where 10,000 people died, the persecution of the Falun Gong movement starting in 1999, and the SARS epidemic (kind of a prelude to how the Chinese government hid and mishandled something all too similar to the corona virus epidemic) where the government said 349 people died. In my view, the number of deaths from the SARS epidemic is most likely a gross underestimate of how many really died.

And how is the Chinese government handling this now? With lies and distortion, propaganda and taking peoples’ minds off of this by dangerous military provocations, blaming the United States, Canada and the rest of the world, and saying that the corona virus was actually the act of other countries. Of course, the Chinese government has thoroughly cut off the country from the rest of the world, and is making sure that the Chinese people do not learn the truth. What is happening to the people in China, is a sad reality I cannot change. Those who are still in China will never know what the truth is, and they cannot search for the truth lest they end up in a worse condition than they are in now. My sorrow for the Chinese people knows no well deep enough for what is happening in that country now.

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