Chicago Tool Library Helps Chicagoans Prepare for Spring

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Sharing is the name of the game at the Chicago Tool Library and they’ve got everything you need to borrow to get ready for the spring season. It’s time to spruce up yards and gardens and the Tool Library is here to help. They have all the tools you might need, from rototillers to power washers, and they even have hundreds of free seeds to get your garden started. The Chicago Tool Library is a nonprofit lending library located in Bridgeport that works a lot like a book library but, instead of books, they house an inventory of tools and equipment for building, gardening, and home repair, and they also lend other unexpected items like stand mixers, pasta machines, podcasting microphones, a 3D printer, and even camping equipment.  The Tool Library makes it easy for anyone to get their library card and start borrowing. Learn more about joining the library or donating tools to their inventory at

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