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Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

Do you know what Happiness Happens Day is? It is a national day to simply just let happiness happen! On this day, happiness that comes in big and small packages is celebrated, from the slight chuckle after a dad joke, to full on bliss after biting into pizza on a Friday night. It also comes from the ordinary and extraordinary interactions that we have in our everyday lives. What are some natural ways to create happiness and to maintain a healthy balance in your life while being grounded? According to Amelia Vogler, grounding expert and energy medicine specialist, grounding helps. “Grounding is a common term that describes many different practices to different disciplines. For example, in mental health, grounding practices help you become emotionally balanced and mentally clear.” Here are Amelia Vogler’s top tips for cultivating happiness in everyday life.

Tip #1: Look for beauty. 
Beauty is everywhere. It is in the way that we choose kind interactions. Beauty is visible in the flowers blooming around us. It is the time that we take to connect to family or friends outside of a busy schedule. Watch your favorite sporting event and bring appreciation to that perfect pitch or goal! Beauty inspires us, and it lightens our hearts and incites happiness. 

Tip #2: Try something new. 
We cultivate happiness in new moments. Take the time out of your schedule to go to a museum or take a new hike and explore areas you haven’t seen. You might even consider doing something a little daring and out of the ordinary – perhaps there is that outside dance class that has been happening in the park or a dog agility class that you’ve been eyeing for your furry friend! Get out of the house, break your routine, and introduce something different to your day! 

Tip #3: Do something nice for someone every week that doesn’t involve money. 
This tip comes from my amazing mom. She loves to do one thing for others every day that doesn’t involve money. She’ll cook a meal for a friend and deliver it. She’ll bring someone else a flower arrangement from her garden. She’ll get vegetables. She’ll write a note and send it. She’ll pick up a friend who has mobility issues and take them to the grocery store or go shopping for them. She’ll even weed the flower beds near your mailbox! Giving back warms the heart.   

For more information, visit Amelia’s grounding course,

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