April Is Community College Month

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April is Community College Month and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) invites Chicagoans to explore educational pathways offered at CCC, including scholarship offerings and open houses. Now is the best time to prepare for a new career or get that promotion, and CCC wants to support efforts with a financial boost to Chicagoans wanting to start or resume their college education. CCC’s Future Ready program will once again be offered this summer. In this program students can earn certifications in high-demand fields at no cost to new students. New this year, CCC is holding CPS enrollment days on May 17, 18, and 19 for CPS high schools to learn about offerings at all seven City Colleges. This is a great opportunity for students to get in-person support on applications and financial aid. This includes information for students at options and charter schools. In addition, high school students can apply for the Star Scholarship for the upcoming Fall CCC term. Applying for scholarships and grant programs is a big part of many college students’ journeys, and City Colleges offers a range of opportunities for Chicagoans seeking to advance their education and job prospects. Visit www.ccc.edu/scholarships or visit www.ccc.edu.

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