CPS Announces Launch of Please Stay Campaign

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Chicago Public Schools announced the inaugural launch of the Please Stay mental health and suicide prevention campaign aimed at seventh through twelfth grade students.  CPS is the first school district to implement the initiative, developed by Born This Way Foundation and Find Your Anchor in response to increased rates of depression, suicide, and anxiety disorders among young people.  Rooted in lived experience and supported by evidence-based resources, Please Stay is an interactive and accessible initiative aimed at educating students about mental health. As part of the campaign, developed in 2020, individuals are asked to take the Please Stay Pledge, in which they agree to stay alive, and reach out for support if needed.  

Staff members, including school counselors, will be talking about the campaign in classes over the next few weeks, referencing self-care habits and mental health resources, and showing students this CPS Please Stay video. The campaign addresses the comprehensive mental well-being of students’ emotional, psychological, and social health and provides tips and resources to help them cope when stressed.  Some of the Please Stay tips for students include: 

Practice Self-Care so they can maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others. Suggestions: Enjoying a movie, listening to music, unplugging for the day, journaling, spending time outdoors, meditating and reaching out to others when help is needed. 

Find Anchors to steady themselves in times of stress. Suggestions: Game nights, playing basketball, enjoying favorite foods and treats, spending time with friends and family. 

Undertake Soul-Filling Activities that make them happy. Suggestions: Cheering someone on, making someone laugh, gardening, using less plastic, reaching out to a friend. 

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