On the Very Wrong Side of History

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryRecently American actor Steven Seagal was presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin with Russia’s Medal of Friendship. Seagal has been known to praise Putin and support Russia’s policies. Fox News news anchor Tucker Carlson makes statements that are aired on Russian state TV in defense of its policies against Ukraine and the West. Elon Musk had made statements whereby he suggests that Taiwan, a de facto independent country with a democratically elected government, becomes a part of China under terms dictated by the Chinese government. In all of these cases, these people seem to be on the side of authoritarian leaders and their countries while they commit acts of aggression and war and genocide. Then there is U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has come out in support of Russia and has also praised Vladimir Putin.

It is in my view unfathomable for these individuals or anyone else to openly support Russia’s aggression in Ukraine or China’s attempts to try and take Taiwan by force or for the Chinese government’s policy of genocide against its ethnic minority the Uyghurs. If this were a different time (such as World War II), these individuals would have been legally punished for supporting states that we were at war with. We may be in conflict with the regimes in China and Russia, but the United States is not at war with these two countries currently. America is sending weaponry and giving all kinds of other support to Ukraine for the Ukrainians to fight against the Russians, but this is not the same as a declaration of war against Russia. Likewise, the United States is saying very clearly now that it will defend Taiwan in case of a Chinese invasion, but this is not the same as an actual war.

Because of this, these and other individuals can make all kinds of reprehensible statements in support of authoritarian nations that commit aggression against their neighbors or commit genocide. It is one thing to state that the United States should not send weapons to Ukraine because that money is needed in America to deal with America’s problems. While I may not entirely agree with that statement, there is in of itself nothing wrong with that statement. It is understandable why so many Americans feel that we should take care of the growing poverty, homelessness. and crime rates in this nation. It is another thing to make statements of praise that give open support to dictatorships in their sick and evil policies. Legally there is nothing we can do about people who support Russia or its evil dictator Vladimir Putin. Likewise, there is nothing we can do about individuals in the United States who support the Communist Party of China or its paramount leader Xi Jinping. But in my view, these people are very much on the wrong side of history, and we as a country and people should remember what these individuals have said and done.

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