City Council Passes Historic Chicago Paid Time Off Ordinance

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Chicago City Council passed the Chicago Paid Time Off ordinance which guarantees up to five days of paid time off and five days of sick time for all of Chicago’s workers. The Chicago Paid Time Off Ordinance is the most progressive paid time off legislation at the municipal level in the United States. Research shows that paid sick time and paid time off reduce costs related to absenteeism and turnover for businesses. Workers with paid time off can stay in their jobs longer, earning higher wages than they can then spend in their local communities. A lack of paid leave policies increasingly and disproportionately contributes to economic insecurity among lower-paid workers and their families. Negotiations resulted in several compromises within the proposal, including changes to the number of days required, an extended ramp up of the private right of action, and an exemption for small businesses with less than 50 employees from paying out unused paid time off.  The Paid Leave Ordinance comes on the heels of major legislative accomplishments for the Johnson Administration since taking office. In May, City Council unanimously approved a plan to make permanent an outdoor dining program that helped Chicago restaurants and bars survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this month, two pro-business ordinances around outdoor dining and reduced permitting requirements were introduced that will help support small business and development in Chicago’s communities. 

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