Bob Fioretti to Run for Cook County State’s Attorney

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Robert (Bob) W. Fioretti has officially filed to be a candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney with nearly 7,000 signatures from voters ready for real change in Cook County. “Cook County residents are tired of the one-party rule that enabled a radical like Kim Foxx to become State’s Attorney,” Fioretti said. “The people want someone in this position who has a steadfast commitment to restoring Cook County’s adherence to the rule of law. This job is not about politics. It is about ensuring there is real justice in our communities. I will be the tough and fair prosecutor this County needs and deserves.” Bob Fioretti is driven by the belief that Cook County residents deserve a State’s Attorney who prioritizes the rule of law, ensuring a fair and just legal system. His extensive experience and commitment to the community position him as a formidable contender for the role. “Voters know me, and they know my record, and they know I mean what I say when I say my sole focus and sole purpose in running is to make our communities safer,” Fioretti said. “I have the right experience to lead this office and to correct Kim Foxx’s many, many missteps. Being a good prosecutor has nothing to do with party labels. It has everything to do with character and commitment. Voters know what has been happening with this office is wrong. We need a change, and I unequivocally am that change.” Fioretti is a veteran attorney who has been active in the Chicago community for many years. He served two terms on the Chicago City Council as 2nd Ward Alderman. Fioretti has filed Republican and there currently is no primary opponent. For more information on Bob Fioretti’s campaign and his vision for Cook County, please visit

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