IBHE Awards $1.7 Million in Grants to Illinois Institutions to Address Student Homelessness

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The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) has awarded $1.7 million in End Student Housing Insecurity (ESHI) grants to 10 institutions of higher education in Illinois. The funds will be used to support ongoing work at each of the campuses to address systemic causes of homelessness and basic-needs insecurity among students. The state’s higher education strategic plan, A Thriving Illinois, calls for closing equity gaps for students who have been left behind, in part, by addressing student support needs, including housing insecurity. HOUSE Liaisons also serve as a resource for housing-insecure students in Illinois. Each public institution of higher education in Illinois is required to designate a member of staff to serve as a HOUSE Liaison by law. The role of HOUSE Liaison aims to address the needs of homeless students on college and university campuses by serving as an advocate and resource for homeless students and improving the accessibility and affordability of on-campus housing. Grants were awarded through a competitive application process based on an institution’s ability to reflect a comprehensive plan identifying services and supports needed to address root causes of homelessness and basic-needs insecurity and to overcome barriers to student persistence and completion. For the list of institutions award, visit www.illinois.gov.

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