ComEd Encourages Residential Customers to Apply for New EV Charger and Installation Rebate

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As part of a larger investment to accelerate an equitable adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in northern Illinois, ComEd launched a new rebate program to increase access to EV chargers. Through the $5 million EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program, ComEd customers can receive rebates of up to $3,750 to offset the cost of purchasing and installing a Level 2 charger in their home in 2024. Level 2 chargers can charge an EV battery 6 to 8 times faster than charging from a wall outlet, often referred to as a Level 1 charger. To qualify, customers who live in a single-family home, or multi-family home with two units or less, must demonstrate purchase of a Level 2 charger on or after February 1, 2024. Rebates ranging from $2,500-$3,750 with funding not exceeding the total cost of purchase and installation, will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, with low-income customers and customers residing in equitable-eligible communities qualifying for the highest rebate amounts. For more information on application requirements, and to apply, visit Using ComEd’s free EV Toolkit, residential, business, and public sector customers can generate detailed information about EV conversion cost savings and learn more about a variety of charging options and how to select the right choice to suit their needs at home, based on their driving habits. Also, customers can discover how to find publicly available charging near them. To learn more, visit the EV Toolkit at

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