CPD Police Support Pro-Police Capparelli

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

A consortium of retired Chicago Police officers have come together to endorse pro-police Metropolitan Water Reclamation District candidate R. Cary Capparelli for the special two-year vacancy election this November. Retired Lieutenant John Garrido, retired Sergeant Richard Gonzalez, retired Sergeant Werner Calder, retired Patrolwoman with Gang Crimes Mary Swiak, retired Patrolman with Gang Crimes Robert Signoretti all enthusiastically endorsed Capparelli. The candidate’s extended family also included members of the Chicago Police Department. Capparelli said, “Elected officials have a responsibility to support all police regardless of the type of office. Furthermore, the MWRD needs a strong cooperation with all police departments throughout the District; especially Chicago.” Sergeant Gonzalez, a spokesman for the group, said “I’ve known Dr. Capparelli for a number of years and he fully understands the mission in hand and holds in high regard the role of all police.” Other pro-police candidates running in the March 19th Republican primary election includes Robert Fioretti for State’s Attorney, Lupe Aguirre for Clerk of the Circuit Court, and the trio of Claire Connelly; Brendan Ehlers; and Richard Dale all for the six-year term at the MWRD.

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