District Council Nominating Committee Receives Applications for Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

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On Tuesday, February 7, the District Council Nominating Committee completed a 30-day application period to serve on the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA). For the first time, locally elected District Councilors from across the city will vet and nominate candidates for the Commission. Per ordinance, at least two Commissioners shall have at least ten years of experience as a practicing attorney with significant experience in civil rights, civil liberties, criminal defense or prosecution. At least one Commissioner shall have at least ten years of experience in community organizing that involves a formal affiliation with one or more community-based organizations. Two seats are dedicated to the voices of our youth, ages 18-24. The final Commission will have a geographic balance across the South, West, and North Sides. In the next phase of this process, the 22-member Nominating Committee, representing each of Chicago’s 22 District Councils, will review applications, conduct interviews, and carefully select at least fourteen nominees to submit to the mayor. To enhance the transparency and fairness of the selection process, the Nominating Committee has developed a community-informed rubric to assess candidates. By April 7, 2024, Mayor Brandon Johnson will select seven nominees from a list provided by the Nominating Committee. If the Mayor declines to select seven nominees, he must provide a written explanation that will be made publicly available on the CCPSA website. Should additional names be requested, the Nominating Committee has until May 7, 2024 to submit new nominees for any remaining vacancies.

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