Aetna Better Health® of Illinois Partners with Kooth Digital Health

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Kooth Digital Health, a mental health and well-being platform for young people, announced a partnership with Aetna Better Health® of Illinois. The one-year partnership will provide thousands of teens and young people in Illinois access to Kooth’s digital platform at no cost to the end user. Data shows that teens and young people benefit from access to well-being tools to help develop better skills and mental health management. According to a National Alliance for Mental Illness report, 61.8 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds in Illinois who have depression did not receive any care. The same report indicates that high school students with depression are more than twice as likely to drop out as their peers, and seven in 10 youth in the juvenile justice system have a mental health condition. The Kooth platform offers young people access to safe, confidential, and moderated content, community, and professional support from Illinois licensed clinicians. Certain Aetna members will have free, on-demand access to Kooth’s resources, including:

• Self-guided journeys, including evidence-based therapeutic content and tools like mood tracking, breathwork, free writing and journaling prompts, podcasts, videos, and more.

• Safe, moderated community spaces for peer support.

• Professional support through drop-in chat or ongoing, structured counseling sessions.

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Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

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