EBSA Helps Spanish Speakers with Retirement and Health Benefit Plans

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When one woman answered a phone call from the Employee Benefits Security Administration, they gave her news she would never forget. The federal agency had recovered $31,000 that her husband’s retirement plan owed him. She said it was a “miracle,” because they had been struggling to pay his health expenses.

But this wasn’t just a miracle. EBSA’s mission is to protect the retirement and health benefits of America’s workers—regardless of their preferred language or immigration status. The agency had just closed a case that got back more than $200,000 in retirement funds for people who only speak Spanish, like the woman and her husband.

If you have questions about your retirement or health benefit plan, EBSA’s Benefit Advisors can help you in English or Spanish. You can contact them at 1-866-444-3272 or Askebsa.dol.gov.

Benefit Advisors can answer questions about:

• Denied health or disability benefits

• COBRA continuation health coverage

• Surprise billing

• Rollover of retirement funds

• And more.

Benefit Advisors respect your privacy and will only contact your employer or union with your permission. While EBSA Benefit Advisors don’t consider themselves miracle workers, they work hard to support workers in the United States. In 2023, EBSA recovered $441 million in benefits for workers and their families.

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